The Yoga Do Fitness Series is an electrifying fusion of yoga, meditation, martial arts, plyometrics, and rehab exercises. The program is to optimize your fitness and well-being to build a strong foundation for success in all areas of your life.


Yoga Do is a unique style of yoga that combines the art and flow of yoga with the fitness and agility of martial arts. So many of us are taught an idea of fitness that either only encompasses strength, endurance, or mobility. It’s not so often that you come across a style of training that provides all of the above. This fitness series is dedicated to combining the best of the best fitness and mobility sequences that achieve the greatest results in the fastest time.

The Yoga Do Fitness Series


● Over 22 hours of yoga/fitness content.

● Comprehensive 8 Week fitness plan (includes: breathwork, yoga fitness, stretching, & meditation). $297

● Free Download of eBook, “Yoga Warrior: Your Path to Inner Freedom.” Valued at $19.97

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The Founder: Paul Nijar


After having studied martial arts since the early age of 7, I have developed a deep love and passion for what the human body can do.

Over the decades, I have studied yoga, personal training, 7 styles of martial arts, gymnastics, traditional Chinese medicine, and am a lifelong enthusiast of challenging myself both mentally and physically.

With the extensive knowledge I have acquired, I am fully versed and committed to helping you achieve your own unique goals. My classes are designed for all levels of fitness and offer long-term results.

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Frequently Asked Questions


“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” – Zen Proverb.

We all have the same amount of time every day; 84 600 seconds to be exact. We make time for everything we find important. If you see value in something, you are more likely to make adjustments to your schedule to make time for it. The reason for this is because we see a return on investment.

Too much of our time is spent behind a screen which makes our body suffer. The muscles, when aren't used, become soft and weak. This will create imbalances and misalignments in the body that will cause pain and discomfort. This can lead to depression because you may feel challenged in performing your regular day to day activities.

The key to living at your utmost potential is by investing in yourself. The return on investment will enrich your life.


Many people have the idea that you need to be very flexible and be able to perform very advances poses in order to do yoga. This is something that is marketed heavily in media to attract attention.

The specific style of yoga I teach is focused around enhancing your day to day life activities. Exercising and moving your body is great but you want to make sure the movements you are practising and the muscles you are building are going to benefit you outside the gym or sports field. The curriculum I have created is strategic in building core strength, body awareness, and enhancing your posture.

Practising this method of yoga will increase strength & flexibility, and it will prevent injury by helping you establish a relationship with your body. This in turn will bring a higher level of satisfaction and appreciation toward your own self.


Use it or Lose it! More and more people are not participating in physical activities. Much of our work and entertainment involves sitting down. We live in a time where videogaming has become a professional sport. We are using our bodies less and less. This is something that has higher chances of someone getting hurt over not doing anything at all.

We live in our bodies our entire lives and yet many of us have no sense of body awareness. This leaves us being uncoordinated, having lack of balance, and making us injury prone. For this reason it's very important to create some level of relationship with yourself to prevent injury. Participating in a structured yoga class with someone who has dedicated their life to health and fitness will bring you a great return on investment.


With the level of stress we carry from the high demands of our day we seek some sort of escape. Many of us may lean toward creating unhealthy habits that only tax our bodies and cause premature aging. In an effort to distract have become sensation junkies.

Society has taught us that if we don't feel a white-knuckle intensity in the things we are doing, then we're not getting results or having fun. Less is more. Too many of us train for short-term results. We want to get juicy n jacked for the summer to show off our bodies. This is simply a race to the finish where many people jump on "yoyo diets" and fad fitness programs. This often leaves people feeling lazy and unmotivated when it comes time to return to the gym. It's like starting from zero all over again.

When you train with a reasonable amount of intensity it allows you to train more frequently. This not only reduces uncomfortable muscle soreness, but it also creates fitness and health a part of your lifestyle. Fitness is not about how you look; its about how you feel. Having a regular yoga fitness routine will help you keep you in a positive emotional state and give you an enhanced sense of well-being.

On-Demand Classes:

Hight Intensity Plyometrics - increases cardiovascular endurance & strength training.

Functional Fitness - challenges physical ability and full range motion.

Yoga & Deep Stretch - increasing flexibility & create harmony on a physical level.

Meditation - reduces stress, decreases anxiety, and increases overall wellbeing.

The Yoga Do Fitness Series

● Over 22 hours of yoga/fitness content.

● Comprehensive 8 Week fitness plan (includes: breathwork, yoga fitness, stretching, & meditation). $297

● Free Download of eBook, “Yoga Warrior: Your Path to Inner Freedom.” Valued at $19.97


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