The Evolution of Yoga Fitness.

The Mission

The Yoga Do Fitness Series is an electrifying fusion of yoga, meditation, martial arts, plyometrics, and rehab exercises. The program is to optimize your fitness and well-being to build a strong foundation for success in all areas of your life.

We all live and work in our bodies our entire lives, and yet many of us move as if our bodies are foreign to us. This leaves us accident and injury prone, unbalanced, and unable to express the feeling of celebration of life in this body.

The greatest obstacle in realizing one’s potential is, for some people, being in poor health. In order to achieve any goal or level of success, we need action; action takes energy; energy requires good health. Many people fall into deep states of frustration, depression, and ager when they feel “held back” in their health and in pursuing their goals.

The mission of the Yoga Do Fitness Series is to establish a deep relationship with oneself, physically and spiritually so one can build a foundation for realizing the leaps and bounds of success they are truly meant to have.  

8 Week Yoga Warrior Program


● Comprehensive 8 Week fitness plan (includes: breathwork, yoga fitness, stretching, & meditation). Over 22 hours of yoga/fitness training. $297 value.

● 4 Bonus Functional Flow videos. Less than 25 min each.

● 1 Bonus Hardcore Yoga & Martial Arts 15 min blitz video.

● Free “Yoga Warrior: Your Path to Inner Freedom.” eBook Valued at $19.97

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The Benefits

Get started on your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home. These videos are not only easy to follow, but they are also very encouraging.

In the course of the 8 weeks, you’ll gain practical tools to inspire a state of peace and calm. You will also learn fundamental movements of fitness to benefit your flexibility, strength, posture, and physical skill.

“Yoga Warrior: Your Path to Inner Freedom,” will provide insight and inspiration on acquiring your greatest potential. Too many of us sell ourselves shorts, not realizing the great leaps and bounds of our innate abilities. It’s time to set yourself free and be force of nature that you’re meant to be.

Zen Warrior Program


This video series includes:

  • Guided meditation

  • Relaxing yoga classes

  • Guided breathwork

  • “I Am Meditation” Step-by-step Tutorial

  • “Yoga Warrior Breathing” Step-by-step Tutorial

  • 4 Bonus Functional Fit Rehab videos. Back! Shoulders! Hips! Glutes! Each under 25 min.

  • Free “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be” eBook Valued at $19.97

Perfect for those looking for a slower pace and gentle method of mind/body fitness. Optimal health includes the balance of mind, body, & breath. Follow along in this video series to restore peace, clarity, & bliss.

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Functional Flow


Take advantage of this great offer that includes 4 yoga fitness workouts: Vedana, Astika, Swami, & Upawas.

This video set showcases the Yoga Do style; a combination of yoga, martial arts, functional movement, & meditation. Each video carries a theme with a specific focus to benefit the body or portion of the body in a unique way.

Complete each video within 22min or less.

Visit the Yoga Warrior Bundle page for full details on each video.

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Functional Fit: Rehab Series


Back! Shoulders! Hips! Glutes! & Hardcore Fusion!

Get them all here!

This Functional Fit series is for those of you who are restricted through time and looking for something fast and accessible to get started on your self-care routine. Whether you are looking to get back into shape or looking for strategic sequences to restore vitality and health in the body, this is perfect for you!

Let’s get you started today!

Visit the Functional Fit Series page for full details on each video.

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Invest in Yourself!

Too many people have had to shift their focus from themselves and onto other loved ones, or on their career. As they’ve come to a point in their life where there’s room for self-care and self-focus they can start to reinvest in themselves. Too many of these people may feel like their boat of opportunity has sailed. The problem of this is that they are pre-maturely forfeiting the opportunity to live their lives at their highest potential. With the coaching this program provides, they can re-establish focus and belief in themselves. The program will support them in cultivating their strength and drive they need to continue to grow.

Meet Paul Nijar

After having studied martial arts since the early age of 7, Paul has developed a deep love and passion for what the human body can do.

Over the decades, Paul has studied yoga, personal training, 4 styles of martial arts, gymnastics, and traditional Chinese medicine. He is a lifelong enthusiast of challenging himself both mentally and physically.

With the extensive knowledge he has acquired, he is fully versed and committed to helping you achieve your own unique goals. Paul’s classes are designed for all levels of fitness and offer long-term results.


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