Fitness isn’t limited to a healthy body; it also encompasses a heathly mind.

Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be


Growing up, we go through many struggles. The manner of which we deal with those struggles differs from person to person. Paul took a different method for overcoming those challenges he faced. For all the negativity, frustration, anger, depression, and the lack of self-worth he had in his life, he looked toward his journal. He wrote in his journal as if having a conversation with himself. Paul dedicated all his writing to coaching himself toward finding a positive perspective and greater understanding of his life experiences. He now seeks to help others through the insights he gained.

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The Yoga Warrior: Your Path to Inner Freedom


Many of us have wondered what the meaning of life is and if there is a meaning at. As we move through our lives without understanding of our role, we feel lost and confused, not knowing what our purpose is. The answer to such a question is unique to the individual and can only be answered by connecting with your true being. So many of us have no connection or understanding of who we truly are, and so cannot find a meaning to their life. We are often assigned roles to our lives which do not fulfill us. As we get caught up in our mundane obligations we lose sight of our eternal selves making fulfillment of life that much more difficult. One must not only connect with their eternal self, but also protect it like warrior so they do not lose this connection.

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Your Soul Purpose: The Guide to Ultimate Fulfillment


Where does fulfillment come from? So many people have struggled to find a level of contentment within their lives despite having a prestigious job or having a high income. If it’s not money and a job title, then where else do you expect to find it? This book provides tools and exercises to help define your life purpose so you may start living with total fulfillment.

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How to Meditate: Mindfulness for Beginners


Discover Your True Spiritual Identity Through Meditation

You’re about to discover how to connect with your divine alignment in your life. Most people find themselves living lives that are unfulfilling. It is as if they are living life on auto-pilot; just going through the motions. They lack a zest for life, as they are not fulfilling their spiritual purpose in life.

Despite making a generous amount of money in your current career path, you are still unable to find a quality of life that satisfies you. This book provides a guide on how to connect with your true spiritual identity. When you have established a connection with your true being, you may then initiate an open line of communication so you may better navigate in your life with real direction.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

What is Meditation?

· The Benefits of Meditation

· A Guided Meditation Journey

· Getting Started in Your Meditation Practice

· Tips & Tricks

· The "I Am Meditation" Practice

· Much, much more!

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Greater Than Before: Strategic Tools for Self-Mastery


Many of us have lived our lives without realizing our true value. In the absence of knowing, we find ourselves lost, confused, and without meaning. We’re all born to be great and yet we live a life celebrating mediocrity. We all have a divine skill, unique as our own fingerprint, that is meant to be shared with the world. We have been chosen to live this life to enrich the lives of others. Learn how to discover and develop your unique skillset. It’s time to live your life as an inspiration to others as you lead the way, leaving a legacy worthy of your name.

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Mind Fit Bundle


Buy all 5 books at 50% off today!

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