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The Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Yoga Do Gentle

An introduction to Yoga Do™, including learning the foundational flow of Hatha Yoga and basic martial art movements.

Practitioners will develop an understanding of the importance of muscle activation through muscle awareness, leaving the Dojo with a feeling of peace, accomplishment and body awareness.

This is our foundation class where everyone starts. Classes are offered to accommodate any fitness level and health goals regardless of body type, flexibility and temperament. The focus will be on what practitioners can do, rather than what they can’t.

Mobility Do

This zero impact and low-intensity class is ideal for all fitness levels and body types. Mobility Do focuses on increasing range of motion through motion. This will help maintain joint health as well as lengthen the muscles.

Move it or Lose it! Movement is key to maintaining youth in body and mind. This class is perfect to start your day with, and also will establish a stronger relationship with your own body.

Warrior Do - (HIIT)

A warrior is one who goes into battle with indomitable spirit and has full awareness of their body.

Warrior Do™ means "the way of the warrior." Injuries are common for many while doing everyday activities despite being physically active. The reason for this is that traditional training methods can be counter-productive to movement.

Warrior Do™ connects the brain to the body to enhance movement awareness. It is dedicated to training the whole body to allow for increased range of motion, flexibility, strength, and helps bring body awareness to prevent unnecessary injuries. Movements are a combination of dance, yoga, martial arts and animalistic movements.

NOT SUITED FOR BEGINNERS. This our advanced class. Students must be familiar with our foundational Yoga Do™ classes prior to enrolling in this one.

Zen Stretch

Zen Stretch is a full hour dedicated to stretching it all out! Our focus goes beyond simply stretching the body, we stretch out emotional stagnation as well.

Come join this class if you're looking for a nice relaxing end to the day. Great for lengthening the muscle and releasing emotional tension.

NOTE: If you have props that you can use, recommended but not needed. Yoga blocks & Straps.


With the amount of stress that we are exposed to in our external environments, it is key to utilize tools and techniques to decompress and bring our mind, body, and spirit back into alignment.

By utilizing modern day brain hacking tools and ancient teachings from various cultures we are able to activate self-mastery and take on tomorrow with ease and grace!

NOTE: I highly recommend this class for all levels of meditators to attend.

Purchase the Blissful State Series found in the Yoga Fitness Series page.

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